Sunsets, and Old Smiles

I don’t know if it is the same for everyone, but sometimes, things just stick to you from your past. People you’ve known, loved, or held in low regard (nicest way I can word that) and the parts of them that stick with you for the rest of your life. Sunsets are that for me. When you’ve dated someone that was working hard to forgive you every time your words hit them in the chest, kept loving you when you were not lovable, supported you at the risk of their own happiness, and only let the relationship end when it was put on your shoulders to keep it, they leave a mark. One of the sweetest, kindest, and most innocent of marks I have from that human being are sunsets. I’ve liked them, like most people do. “Oh that’s pretty” and go on with your evening. After having someone like that in your life, and to experience the incredible joy a good sunset brings them, it leaks into your soul. They stop me in my tracks now, and the way I feel about them is as infectious as her joy in sunsets was to me. I smile big when a friend or acquaintance sends me their sunset pictures. It makes me feel like I’m doing justice to the person that showed me the simple pleasure in a beautiful sunset.

Tonight, driving off base, the sunset was shaping up to be unique. I normally have my camera with me at all times (or at least in my car). Tonight was no different. As soon as I came around the bend to where I could see the Great Salt Lake and the Sun about to drop out of the clouds and reflect off the lake, I puled over, and got my clickity roo on.

I’m just going to throw them all down here, no explanation needed really, some good, some bad, most are fine I guess. I didn’t really worry much, just clicked off a bunch, edited them up, and here they are.

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