Ridin’ the Bus

Since it is Free Fare February, I decided to jump on a bus and see how long it takes to get from the house to where Dayton works (808 Hawaiian). Before I left the house, I took a quick pic of Charlotte’s plant, decided it looked fine, and walked on out to the bus stop (about half a mile up the road).

Charlotte’s Succulent (thing is so easy to keep alive)

A few years ago, I rode UTA (Utah Transit Authority) on my way to work and back. It was 2 hrs each way so it made my days very long. The ride today was ~an hour, one transfer, and a few “interesting” people. I didn’t want to bring my camera out of its bag until the second bus (625), but I wanted at least one picture from the 1st bus (612). Once I brought it out, I took a picture of the first bus front window real quick, and put it back in its bag.

The little Hawaiian place Dayton works at, has a couple stores. He’s hung onto this job for quite a while, and seems to fit in well with them. Hopefully it’ll lead to more opportunities.

Dayton cleaning up before the end of his Shift

I really didn’t take many images, but what I did take turned out really well (except for the bus pictures). I received my new lens today, and I am quickly finding myself with a list of “favorite” lenses. This one is a Sigma DC 17-70mm 2.8-4.5. It is auto focus, and focuses fast as shit. I was honestly surprised how quickly it zip, zip, focused. This lens spinning into focus, sounds a lot like the shutter clicking on my Pentax M-3 ii (quiet, sharp, and fast).

This trip was as smooth as butter until I headed for the bus stop to head back home. I was ~ 50 yards from the bus stop, and bus 625 went zipping on by, 5 minutes early. I was kind of bummed about that, but it let me take a bunch of pictures around Walmart’s landscaping. That’s about all that’s left here, a few pictures of last years colorful berries, a few macro attempts at some branches, and a little view of the Wasatch mountains that I spent last summer climbing all over (and will be back up there soon).

That’s my day in pictures. jI think the rest of my day will be spent keeping the couch held down, picking on the cat, deisigning something to print, or just keep watching weird movies (Just finishing up “Mayday” now).

Be nice, take care of yourselves, and remember, Penguins, Otters, and Owls are the cutest of the non pet animals .. ~me

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